About the Landings Men's Golf Association (LMGA)

The Landings Men's Golf Association is the organization of male golf members of The Landings Club. LMGA is dedicated to improving the golf experience of all TLC members. We organize weekly shotgun golf outings rotating among the island's six courses. Our golf events feature post-play socializing that provides players with the opportunity to meet a broad spectrum of Landings Club members. Our organization sponsors several popular golf-themed social events at The Landing Club which coincide with the major golf tournaments, including the Masters, the British Open and the Ryder Cup. LMGA also arranges off-island competitions where TLC members can compete against players from other leading golf clubs in the region.

LMGA works closely with the Landings Club to promote and support its programs, as it strives to represent the interests of male golfers within The Club. Our group seeks opportunities to support The Landings Club staff and to maintain the quality and condition of our golf courses.

Membership in LMGA is open to all male members of The Landings Club. A significant related benefit of LMGA membership is our commercial partners program, which confers substantial cost savings on LMGA members when they frequent high-end restaurants in Savannah or book their vacation travel arrangements through LMGA's travel partners. For more information click here or please visit the Landings Men's Golf Association website.