Visiting The Landings Club

Located on beautiful Skidaway Island, The Landings Club is a short drive from Savannah just across the Moon River. The Landings Club is a gated community. Security is located on Tidewater Way. (Diamond Causeway turns into Tidewater Way.) When you come to the four-way intersection of Green Island Road and Diamond Causeway/Tidewater Way, continue driving straight and the Main Gate will be your first stop to receive guest passes and directions.

Without a visitor's pass from security at the Main Gate, you'll be unable to pass thru any gated entrances on the island, and there may not be a guard present to assist you. If you have questions about the process to obtain a guest pass, please call the Main Gate at 598.1982.

Once you receive your visitor's pass, you can enter thru all gates to reach the different clubhouses and amenities on the island. Click here to view or print a map of the island, which will be useful for navigation once you've received your visitor's pass from security at the Main Gate.