Weekly Schedule

Adult Tennis Clinics

The cost for each drill is $20 unless otherwise noted, and advanced sign-up is important to ensure proper planning and staffing. Please register in the pro shop or call 912-598-3500.   

Clinic Offerings 

  • Monday: 
    • Stroke of the Week at Franklin Creek from 9-10:30am; This clinic is open to all levels of players.
  • Wednesday: 
    • Cardio Tennis at Oakridge from 9:30-10:30am; This high energy, fast paced workout set to music is a great way to get your tennis AND cardio workout  all in one place!  This drill is open to all levels of players and costs $15.
  • Thursday:
    • Tennis University from 9-10:30 am; If you are new to tennis or would like to touch up on the basics, this is for you!
  • Friday: 
    • Live Ball at Franklin Creek from 9-10:30am; Join us for this new, fast paced clinic! We will be playing points while implementing different situations and strategies for some fun, friendly competition.
  • Saturday: 
    • Open Drill from 9-10:30am; This clinic is open to all levels of players. We begin by incorporating some technical and consistency drill components before transitioning into live ball point play. This clinic is open to players of all levels.

Other Instructional Tennis Opportunities
  • Private Instruction: One on one instruction to pin point inconsistencies within your game, and work to improve those areas.
  • Semi-Private or Private Lesson: Scheduled with a tennis professional to work specifically on technical or tactical areas of your game.
  • 3 and ME: Scheduled with a tennis professional, a playing lesson designed to look at situational doubles play.

Member-Led Tennis Opportunities
Open Play at Oakridge
Open play at the Oakridge courts takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8:30am-12:30pm. This doubles format is open to all levels of play with no registration necessary.

Pickleball Opportunities

  • 5:30pm Pickleball League
  • 1-2pm Beginner Open Play
  • 4pm Intermediate/ Advanced play
  • 4 pm Intermediate/ Advanced play
  • 3-4:30pm Intermediate Clinic $20
  • 7pm Ladies Night Social Play
  • 8:30-9:30am Beginner Clinic $15
  • 4pm Intermediate/ Advanced Play
  • 12-1:30pm Intermediate Clinic $20
  • 4pm New Neighbors Play
  • 10am Advanced play (3.5+)
Pickleball Play Opportunities
There are many ways to get involved with Pickleball at Franklin Creek Tennis Center. Visit the pickleball website at tlcpickleball.com. 

Want to Improve Your Game? Individual Pickleball lessons are now available at Franklin Creek! Please call the pro shop to schedule instruction with one of our pros at 598.3500.

Bocce Ball League Play
All things bocce at The Landings Club are available on the Bocce website at https://sites.google.com/site/tlcbocce/.  Included on the website are brief histories of Bocce worldwide and Bocce at The Landings, current standings, Bocce rules, prior Round results with pictures of playoff teams, and much, much more.